Susan Dreyfus

President and CEO, Alliance for Children and Families:

The Alliance was losing more members than we were gaining and the work to address that was all guesswork and confusion…I wasn’t really thinking in terms of needing a brand strategy. It was more about needing clarity about our identity and how to communicate it.”

“Anne has an uncanny ability to come into a situation and quickly get up to speed… I had no idea how significant Anne’s work would be in our overall strategic planning.”

“As much as we needed this, it was still a culture change to integrate the brand throughout the organization.  Anne’s work helped us lead and engage the employees.”

“Anne’s work gave us clarity and confidence around our brand and what we had to be the best in the world at... When I think back to when we did this in 2003, I think we spent something like $25,000. It turned our organization around.”

* Susan formerly served as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services for the State of Washington.