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Our Approach

For organizations whose name may be known but whose image is outdated, incomplete, fuzzy or simply undifferentiated, we offer a cost-effective, market-centric approach for identifying and leveraging

  • your “perfect-fit market”
  • your most compelling brand identity, value proposition and competitive positioning
  • related key messages, marketing strategies and public relations opportunities
  • ...and the operational changes required to support them.

Organic Branding

We think of it as organic branding because the key to the solution comes not from us, but from your own best relationships -- be they customers, employees, donors, members or some other target market. It's a reflection of who you are at your best and a spotlight on what matters most to the decision-makers who matter most to you. 

7 Steps to Success

In fact, it's more than a branding solution. It's a map to more focused and profitable growth. To get there, we follow a seven-step path:

  1. Identify the attributes of a perfect-fit relationship.
  2. Select 10 current relationships that best fit the ideal.
  3. Create a “Value Point Inventory” listing attributes of your organization that you believe are influential factors in these relationships.
  4. Conduct probing, one-on-one interviews to discover which two or three attributes set you apart in the eyes of these clients, and why.
  5. Use the insights gained to develop positioning, marketing and related operational recommendations.
  6. Create an action plan outlining tasks, timeline and accountabilities.
  7. Conduct a follow-up session to monitor progress.