Lars Barber

Principal, Baird & Associates:

 “All our marketing material was getting haphazard. Everyone was making edits and changing graphics…I started pushing that we should go back to Ground Zero and get our brand positioning exactly right and then build from there so we’re all on the same page.

“…(Anne) hadn’t worked with an engineering firm, especially a niche firm like ours. I just got the feeling she was really into it. 

“I think the client research she does is an honest, clean evaluation of what your best clients think of you and think you are, what they appreciate about you, so you can make decisions from that. Kind of a fresh look…different than what we had done before. This isn’t the same old client evaluation form approach.

“We got the results from Anne and we were thrilled. We thought (the recommendations) were right on target… She took it further than marketing and gave recommendations on operational changes we should make to support the brand identity we want to build.”