Greg Milliken

Executive Vice President, Neighbor to Family, Inc:

“At the time we were optimistic that we were on the verge of significant growth. The primary reason to get Anne involved was to give us a roadmap for how to grow, how to market ourselves.”

“We think we know who we are, but when we asked those around us in a safe and guided way through Anne, we learned a lot more about ourselvesHer conclusions weren’t just an opinion. There was logic and evidence to support them.”

Working with Anne profoundly changed the way we look at ourselves… We had operated for years with the notion that our customers value us because our outcomes are so strong and our service is of exceptional quality. Certainly that was true to some degree, but what we came away with is that our customers also value our role as a change agent in their systems. Using our program gives them leverage with other programs in their community to raise the bar… To this day, we focus on that with new customers.”