Colleen Ellingsen

President, Coalition for Children, Youth and Families:

“We wanted to know why people become foster parents in the first place and why the ones who stay in the system stick with it. Then we wanted to use those insights to "brand" foster parenting in a way that would resonate with the kind of people who are most likely to succeed at it.”

“Anne is absolutely genuine. When you are talking to her about what you want, she is very focused on you, listening very carefully, processing quickly. It’s not like you have to spend months chatting to try to find one another.  She grasps the problem right away.”   

“For the project to be successful, we needed buy-in from the counties we serve. Anne started by interviewing the county licensers of foster families and getting their perspectives. There was a huge buy-in because they were being listened to.”

“Anne gave us a product that has been very successful. Last year, the counties we serve found 47 new foster families specifically because of the billboard campaign that featured a tagline Anne created based on her recommended brand positioning.